Cristiano Ronaldo is set to face the English Football Association to appeal against misconduct charges

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    Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag confirmed Wednesday that Cristiano Ronaldo will defend himself against the English Football Association’s accusations of disorderly conduct. 

    He has been charged by the British FA after knocking an Everton fan’s phone out of his hand in frustration after the club’s loss.

    The incident occurred in April when Cristiano Ronaldo was caught on camera knocking a mobile phone out of the hands of an Everton supporter. A frustrated Ronaldo knocked the phone out of a young fan’s hand, leaving him with an injured hand and a broken phone.

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    The Manchester United star has been charged with breaking rule E3 for his conduct by the English Football Association after being alerted by police about the incident. Faced with calls from fans’ mothers for harsher punishment, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to contest the accusations.

    Manchester United manager Ten Hag has spoken to the Portuguese striker about the matter and said he would not accept the accusation. Ten Hag said, “We spoke about that. He will not accept it,” reaffirming Ronaldo’s position on the matter.

    Fan’s mother wants Cristiano Ronaldo to receive the ‘right punishment’

    The case will be heard by an FA panel in the coming days. Earlier this week, Jacob’s mother, the 14-year-old autistic and Everton fan, called for Ronaldo to be given a ‘right punishment’, saying the son was still talking about what happened to him that day and explained that he had not yet received the phone back.

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    “Let’s hope he finally gets the right punishment. He can’t keep getting away with it. His behavior is unacceptable. I’m being hounded by people saying I’m dragging it up again but I didn’t know anything about it. He should have been dealt with six months ago. My son talks about what happened to him every day. He still hasn’t had his phone back,” said the 14-year-old’s mother Kely.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is hoping to bounce back from a poor start to the season after scoring his first Premier League goal of the season against Everton. Manchester United manager Ten Hag said he is determined to help him, hinting that he is in better shape and will contribute more in the future.

    “I want to support him as well as possible. So we have a certain demand on players, what we expect from him in certain positions on the pitch, and what I do, as with other players, is I want to get the best out of them,” stated Ten Hag.

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    “He is getting in better shape now and I am happy with that, so he can contribute more to the squad and I’m sure he will do,” he added.

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