Battlefield 2042 4.2.0 Update brings customization improvements along with a major Map rework

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    Battlefield 2042’s 4.2.0 update includes some changes to one of the game’s original launch maps. Currently, in its fourth season, Battlefield 2042 is regarded by many as having undergone a significant improvement since its initial launch.

    Battlefield 2042 debuted in late 2021 with just seven maps, to a very unfavorable response. Despite this, DICE continued to support the massively multiplayer shooter, adding new modes, maps, and content to the game over the following year, including updates to many of the launch maps. Even the specialist system, a crucial element and a dearly cherished tenet of the Battlefield experience, was redesigned by DICE.

    The Discarded launch map redesign is the highlight of the Battlefield 2042 4.2.0 update.

    The industrial map is where players battle it out for control of a flooded village and a vast graveyard full of large, disorganized ships. More control flags will be added to the map as part of the revisions, and some existing flags will also be moved.

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    The Discarded map will be improved in three key areas. To the northwest, a field that was previously empty will be changed into the Salvage Yard area, giving players on foot more protection from the threat of enemy vehicles. Players have criticized Battlefield 2042’s launch maps for having too many open areas and not enough cover; it appears that DICE is resolving that issue here. DICE is moving the flag at the antenna area north, towards the Flooded Village, to further help combat this. According to the patch notes, this modification will help Discarded’s north and south regions better connect with the addition of new structures.

    Battlefield 2042 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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