YouTube and Roku exposed their New Streaming Deal

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    The streaming giant YouTube and Roku have come to a new streaming deal that will give users more fun. At the beginning of this year, there is an agreement In between the two of the companies seeming like the long shot. Now Roku has been pulled the YouTube application from their devices, and with it, Google also dug their heels in.

    The situation become more complicated and also it bec0ome the fact that a lot of the users have been dependent on the streaming device for watching  YouTube TV.

    YouTube and Roku on the deal

    Roku soars on new deal with Google to keep streaming YouTube

    There also had been a solution and now today, the two of the sides have come to the table and also have been shooked on a deal that might actually be profitable for the users. On the blog of Roku, they just have posted the statement based on their agreement with the tech giant.

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    Many people just have been woken up with some of the great news that they are trying to settle down with their favourite YouTubers or the linear TV programming through the service. Here is the post that what they have written on it:

    “Effective today, we have agreed to a multi-year extension with Google for YouTube and  YouTube TV,” Roku said. “This agreement represents a positive development  for our shared customers, making  both YouTube and YouTube TV available  for all the streamers on the Roku platform.”

    Roku and Google reach a deal for the continued distribution of YouTube and  YouTube TV on Roku devices

    The streaming device company had told that they had not been going to be bend to Google’s demands against their will. They start,” Importantly, our concerns with Google are not about money. We have not asked for a single change I the financial terms of the out existing agreement. In fact, Roku  has not  even  a single  dollar  from YouTube’s ad-supported video sharing service today, whereas Google makes hundreds  of millions  of dollars  from the YouTube app on Roku.”

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    Roku soars on new deal with Google to keep streaming YouTube -

    Google also had told to Variety that their side of the story in the response.   Shortly, they have shot it all down. “Since our negotiations with Roku earlier this year, we have continued to work with them to find the resolution that benefits our mutual users,” a Google rep detailed. “Roku has once again chosen for making unproductive and also the baseless claims rather than to try to work constructively with us.

    Since we also have not been able to continue our conversations in good faith, our partnership for all the new Roku devices will unfortunately end on December  9. We are, however, giving Roku the ability to continue distributing both YouTube and YouTube TV applications to all of the existing  users to make sure that they are not  impacted.”

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