Xbox Series X and Series S surpass 21 million Units in Global Sales

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    During a presentation at the BIG event in Brazil, Microsoft inadvertently revealed that the Xbox Series X/S has sold over 21 million systems worldwide. For the first time in several years, Microsoft unveiled sales data for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One at the event.

    Because Microsoft generally maintains Xbox sales figures private, this information was most certainly never intended to be widely disseminated. A Twitter user named John Welfare shared a photo of a slide from the presentation, naming Lucas Taves as the photographer.

    According to the data collected, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S had sold over 21 million units since its release in 2020.

    However, it is unclear whether these are transported or sold metrics. Furthermore, Microsoft did not provide a breakdown of each console’s sales figures. Instead, it merged the Series X and Series S.

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    Microsoft also lumped the Xbox One in with the current-gen consoles, saying that the previous-generation system sold a total of 79 million units. However, if we exclude the aforementioned 21 million, we can conclude the Xbox One has sold 58 million units, leaving it 26 million short of the Xbox 360’s lifetime sales.

    Furthermore, Microsoft claims that 48% of Xbox Series S players are new to Xbox. This is an astonishing statistic, especially given that the Series S was supposed to introduce new users to the Xbox ecosystem.

    At debut, the Series S cost $379, making it a more affordable alternative to the more powerful Series X, which costs $599. Microsoft recently announced a Black Xbox Series S with a 1TB SSD. With nearly double the SSD capacity, this new Series S model is expected to entice more gamers into the Xbox world, especially with the release of Starfield on the horizon.

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