Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft made $2.9 billion USD in 2021 with Game Pass

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    An astounding $2.9 billion USD in income was generated by the popular subscription programme Xbox Game Pass in 2021, according to new data from Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE).

    A CADE report on the Microsoft/Blizzard acquisition included the statistic. One of the first dollar numbers for the rapidly gaining in popularity service, which grants its customers access to a vast library of current and vintage games on both the Xbox and PC platforms, is provided by TweakTown and was reported by

    No other information was provided concerning the staggering figure, which excluded PC players in favour of Xbox subscribers.

    Xbox Game Pass accounts for almost 18% of all Microsoft’s Xbox revenue for 2021, a year that saw a total revenue of just over $16 billion, assuming the mentioned percentage is accurate.

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    Since its initial launch in the summer of 2017, the Xbox Game Pass programme has steadily increased both its user base and its reputation around the world, and it now has a whopping 25 million customers.

    The redesigned PlayStation Plus programme, which uses a tier-based system to offer titles from every generation of the PlayStation platform to its users, was introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment earlier this year as a direct competition to Game Pass.

    One wonders if future console gaming generations will explore the potential of gaming subscriptions as a key concept given how quickly subscription gaming is proving to be both satisfying for the gamers themselves and very profitable for the publishers.

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