Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller comes with free Watch Dogs: Legion Game

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    Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller earlier this week. Although it costs only $130, the white pro-style Elite Series 2 controller with black handles is missing the different attachments that come with the ordinary black Elite Series 2. Your best option if you’re interested in the premium controller is to purchase it straight away on eBay through Antonline. With the purchase of the controller, Antonline, an authorised Microsoft retailer, is giving away digital copies of Watch Dogs: Legion. Since there are only a few available, if you’re interested, move quickly.

    Within ten days of your purchase, the Watch Dogs: Legion code will be delivered to your email. The most recent instalment of the open-world hacker series, Legion, has a very smart gameplay element that lets you command any NPC in the game. Legion provides a sizable open world sandbox to explore, as well as a decent selection of tasks and intriguing gadgets.

    None are included with the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller. That implies that you won’t receive the carrying case, four more analogue sticks to swap, a swappable D-pad, or the return paddles.

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    credit: gamespot

    The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller’s premium design is simply carried over to the Core controller, including better sticks, trigger locks, an eight-way metal D-pad, and tactile handle grips.

    You can always buy the back paddles and other accessories individually if you change your mind. The Complete Component Pack is available through Microsoft for $60. As an alternative, you can choose the swappable components you want and purchase them from independent businesses. For instance, a quality set of back paddles may be purchased for under $10. These paddles from a third party have passed our testing and feel great.

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