Can Will Smith’s Oscar Be Taken Away after the Following Assault on Chris Rock?

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    It was a moment when you actually had to ask those sitting beside you for confirmation whether it just took place as your eyes witnessed it; yet following Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock, there are serious speculations and questions over whether the former’s Oscar should be snatched.

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    Will Smith’s Oscar be Taken Away Following his slap on Chris Rock?

    Will Smith won the best actor award at the most prestigious ceremony on Sunday. However, even before he was handed the honor, he made his way onto the stage. A joke came from Rock about the haircut of Jada Pinkett-Smith and it ended up angering the men in Black star. Later on, it was revealed that his wife is battling a hair-loss condition termed alopecia. 

    Shortly after went an organization statement, that read,

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    The Academy does not condone violence in any form. Tonight we are delighted to celebrate the winners of the 94th Academy Awards, who deserve this moment of recognition from their peers and film lovers around the world.

    Celebrity Reactions to the Incident

    Many celebrities took to their social media sites to disclose their reactions and Judd Apatow seemed very upset with Will Smith. In a now-deleted tweet, he had written, Knocked up! He could have killed him. He even thinks that was purely out of control rage and that they are not freshmen in Hollywood or in the world of comedy. He lost his mind, he concluded. 

    Even comedian Fortune Feimster wrote on his Twitter account that, Someone in the audience charged the stage Friday night during my opener’s set and tried to throw the speaker, started taking swings at the people attempting to stop her, and pushed down a security guard. It’s scary times. So, no, I don’t find someone getting hit on the stage amusing.

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    How could the Academy React?

    While many have laughed off the incident and suggested that his actions were valid, there are even calls for the organization to uphold its own code of conduct and take back the honor presented to him.

    Dawn Hudson, the CEO, and writer of the Academy Awards Conduct charter explained that the Academy doesn’t have a place for those who abuse their status in a way that violates the recognized decency standards and the Academy categorically opposes any form of abuse.

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