“What The Folks (Season 4)”: The family is going bigger in the last and the final adaptation

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    Dice Media has released the trailer of the fourth season of ‘What The Folks’. We have previously seen actor Veer Rajwant Singh has been on the way to winning the hearts of the fan with such an amazing acting contribution.

    The actor Veer Rajwant Singh says that is the love of the fans as the makers have been coming up with season 4 of the series with the previous seasons that has also got some amazing response from the fans. The actor also says the idea of the adaptation that is portrayed beautifully in this season and also talks about the character and Nikhil Solanki.

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    The actor says Nikhil is true of love by the audience that is performed by the actor. The actor also reveals that he has been auditioned for the character. It had followed the story that is attracted him and also the different types of characters. It is the last and the final season of the series.

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    What The Folks (Season 4): Plot

    This new season is the finale and the entire fans have been provided so much love to the previous seasons with the show and they also will get to watch the different story once again that will definitely touch the hearts. The folks have returned and it seems that the concept of the adaptation and also the challenges that will bring to be discussed beautifully in this season. It seems that the tale is relatable with such characterization brilliantly in the series.

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    The trailer starts with the talk of Rajwant Singh’s word that they want to adopt a child. It is a story of two couples. While one is planning to adopt a child then the other sister is dating Sid and planning to get married. Now the pressure comes on the parents as they are really concerned about the husband of their daughter. The parents are searching about the past, backgrounds, and all the things of the Sid.

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    The son-in-law is planning something with his father-in-0law and doesn’t want to share it with the two sisters. It also shows some complications in the relationship. It will be the last wedding of their family.

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    What The Folks (Season 4): Release Date

    This season will release on 22nd January 2022.

    Here is the trailer:

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