WBC Championship: Agreeing to the Terms of a 60-40 Spilt, Anthony Joshua Accepts Tyson Fury’s Challenge

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    As stated by the reports of IFL TV, Anthony Joshua’s response to Tyson Fury’s proposal is affirmative. 

    Ever since, taking some time to regain from the mental strain he suffered against Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua got down to business and accepted Tyson Fury’s challenge. The WBC heavyweight champion recently called on Anthony Joshua to defend the belt and reports have stated that he accepted. Eddie Hearn has revealed there are some conditions that were laid forward in order to accept the fight on IFL television.

    A 60-40 split was agreed, but Fury’s team originally wanted the match to take place on November 12 of this year. However, Joshua stated, he would like to change the date to December 17th. A response is yet to be heard from Fury’s side, regarding this small change, nonetheless, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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    Anthony Joshua’s Goal is to Keep Improving

    This new challenge presents a great opportunity for Anthony Joshua, who has just emerged from a double disappointment with Usyk. The Ukrainian boxer himself has spoken to the press, telling his opponents not to give up the sport and keep fighting. This new chance for Fury should put him in a privileged position given his recent results.

    If he beats Fury for the WBC belt, he’ll have another chance to fight Usyk to unify all heavyweight belts. When this fight becomes official, it could lead to one of the most awaited contesr in recent British boxing history against the best supporters of the two divisions. 

    An Instagram story was posted by Tyson Fury himself, confirming that he is happy with the fight against Joshua, and it becoming a joint event between BT Sport and DAZN PPV. His response is much awaited by Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua, hopefully he will respond later this week.

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    The most logical fight wpuld have been between Usyk vs. Fury in order to unify the belts, but Tyson wants the most money he can get from his potential title defense. 

    Comparing draws from both events, The Fury and Joshua’s fight is far more lucrative than Usyk and Fury’s case. Joshua has already responded through his story, now all that is left is the announcement.

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