Virat Kohli’s fan murders Rohit Sharma’s fan over who is the better cricketer in Tamil Nadu

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    Cricketers have always had die-hard fans who worship their favourite players. Recently, A Virat fan murdered Rohit Sharma’s fan in Tamil Nadu after a drunken fight over who was a better cricketer. This led #ArrestKohli trend on Twitter.

    In that incident, S Dharmaraj is accused of killing his friend 24-year old P Vignesh in a brawl who was the better cricketer. This took place in Poyyur village in Ariyalur district.

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    “Both had consumed liquor. As per the initial investigation, Vignesh was supporting Mumbai Indians in Indian Premier League (IPL) while Dharmaraj was a Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) supporter.” Keelapalur police said.

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    The officials further added “During the course of their debate, Vignesh had allegedly mocked RCB and Virat Kohli. Vignesh had the habit of body shaming Dharmaraj, who was a stammerer. On that day he had made some remarks comparing the RCB team to the speaking difficulty of Dharmaraj. This infuriated Dharmaraj who attacked Vignesh with a bottle and later hit him with a cricket bat on the head. Dharmaraj soon fled the spot.”

    The accused and the victim were discussing cricket in an open area near the SIDCO Industrial Estate near Mallur on Tuesday night. Dharmaraj attacked Vignesh with a bottle and a cricket bat which led to the death of the latter.

    Vignesh completed ITI and was awaiting a job visa to go to Singapore. Dharmaraj’s destiny totally changed as well as he was in judicial custody.

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    A group of workers who were going to the SIDCO factory spotted Vignesh’s body and complained to the local police.

    The trend of #ArrestKohli hits twitter big time, with Rohit Sharma fans wanting to arrest Virat Kohli. The latter’s fans defended him by saying, it wasn’t Virat who committed the crime.

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