Vinicius Ready to Receive Spanish Passport: Real Madrid will Have a non-Eu Spot Open Up

    Vinicius Junior is all set to get his Spanish passport with Real Madrid, having been informed recently by the ministry that he is in the concluding stages of the process. Although there isn’t any news yet about the specific date, expectantly he will soon be acquiring dual nationality. The process started in Summer 2022 and has taken more time than expected to help him have the Spanish passport. 

    Simultaneously, Vinicius had been in Spain for two years, and thus he was eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship. The Brazilian had to go through a test series. The first of them was the CCSE exam, which measures knowledge of the Spanish Constitution including Spanish society and culture. The second phase had an oral exam and have passed the series successfully, the news of his receiving the passport is sure to drop in any day!

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    Credits: Madridista News

    Vinicius to Obtain Spain Citizenship: Will Open up a non-EU spot in Real Madrid’s First Team Squad

    As a consequence of Vinicius receiving Spanish citizenship, a non-EU Spot in Real Madrid’s first-team squad will open up. Rodrygo Goes and Eder Militao are also on the way to get Spanish passports, and they both took the tests together. Meanwhile, Takefusa Kubo and Reinier Jesus are no closer to getting the Spanish passports.

    Why Can’t They Receive the Spanish Passport?

    Kubo will need to have a non-EU status as he’s required to live for ten years straight in Spain and give up his nationality, which he isn’t ready to do. Reinier, on the other hand, must live in Spain for two years to be eligible to apply for a Spanish passport. However, currently, he’s on loan at Borussia Dortmund, where he is getting opportunities that are really difficult to come by.

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