Upcoming Intel Core i7-13700H & Core i5-13500H spotted ahead of launch

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    Already we have spotted the high-end Raptor Lake-HX processors in some of the recent leaks but now it’s time for the more affordable Core i7-13700H and the Core i5-13500H. Both of these 13th Gen H series chips are all set to launch at Intel’s launch event of CES 2023.

    While the Core i7 will get 14-Core treatment for the normal one, on the other hand, the HX variant will sport up to 16 cores. Now, this tweet from @momomo_us does reveal that two new Acer laptops sporting these new Intel Raptor Lake mobile chips, presumably gaming laptops.

    While this upcoming Core i7-13700H sports 6 Performance cores and 8 efficiency cores, the budget-friendly has two fewer performance cores and will still offer 12 cores with higher clock speeds, and improved cache from last-gen. However, we expect the 13th Gen will be much more efficient than Alder Lake, it will be interesting to see how these upcoming Raptor Lake mobile chips compete against the very efficient AMD chips.

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    As per multiple leaks and reports, not only we will have a 16-core Core i7-13700HX but also there will be a new Core i5-13500HX chip providing up to 14- cores. This will be almost identical to the desktop counterparts with top-of-the-line clock speeds and hence better performance. So, are you excited about these new Intel chips? Do let us know in the comments down below… 😊

    via Tom’s Hardware

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