UFC 295 Finances: Alex Pereira’s Earnings from Defeating Jiri Prochazka Unveiled

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    UFC 295: Alex Pereira’s Triumphant Victory Over Jiri Prochazka

    The highly anticipated UFC 295 event brought forth an electrifying clash between two titans, Alex Pereira and Jiri Prochazka. In this encounter, Pereira emerged victorious in the light heavyweight title bout, securing the vacant UFC belt. Beyond the intense competition in the octagon, this event also shone a spotlight on the financial aspects of Pereira’s triumph, providing insights into his earnings and overall career trajectory.

    Alex Pereira Image via Marca
    Alex Pereira, Image via Marca


    Pereira’s Earnings for UFC 295

    In the pinnacle of the event, Alex Pereira delivered a spectacular second-round knockout, claiming the vacant UFC light heavyweight belt. Pereira’s financial gains were just as impressive as his performance, with a base salary of $400,000. Delving deeper, the inclusion of pay-per-view earnings significantly elevated his total potential income to a noteworthy $900,000. Furthermore, the prospect of additional bonuses for his exceptional performance added another layer to the financial narrative.

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    Prochazka’s Earnings Despite Defeat

    While Jiri Prochazka faced defeat in the UFC 295 event, his financial compensation remained substantial. Prochazka received a commendable base salary of $300,000 for the fight. Despite the loss, his total estimated earnings for the event were around $700,000, highlighting the profitable aspect of high-stakes UFC contests and the substantial financial gains even in the face of defeat.

    Pereira’s Remarkable UFC Journey

    The narrative of Alex Pereira’s journey in the UFC is nothing short of remarkable. Starting in the middleweight division, he marked his presence with a knockout victory over Andreas Michalidis at UFC 261, earning $154,000. Subsequent victories against Bruno Silva and Sean Strickland further solidified his position, with earnings of $104,000 and $244,000, respectively.

    Alex Pereira Image via Sporting News
    Alex Pereira, Image via Sporting News

    Pereira’s crowning moment came at UFC 281, where he claimed the UFC Middleweight title, earning a substantial $682,000. Despite losing the belt in a rematch at UFC 287, Pereira secured his biggest payday to date at $725,000, bringing his total earnings for that fight to an impressive $1,067,000, including sponsorship earnings. In his recent venture into the light heavyweight division at UFC 291 against Jan Blachowicz, he earned $455,000.

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    Career Earnings and Net Worth

    The cumulative effect of Pereira’s victories and impressive performances across divisions has translated into a commendable estimated career earnings of $5.3 million. While reports peg his net worth at $2 million according to, the consistent upward trajectory in earnings suggests that he is on a trajectory to surpass the $1 million mark from base salary and pay-per-view buys alone.

    Alex Pereira’s Journey to Glory

    Raised in a favela, Pereira left middle school to start working as an assistant to a bricklayer and later at a tire shop. Influenced by those around him, he succumbed to drinking, eventually leading to alcoholism. In 2009, he embarked on kickboxing training as a means to overcome his addiction.

    Alex Pereira Image via CBS Sports
    Alex Pereira, Image via CBS Sports

    Alex Pereira emerged victorious at Glory 14: Zagreb – Middleweight Contender Tournament in Zagreb, Croatia on 8 March 2014, securing the title by defeating Dustin Jacoby with a first-round knockout in the semi-finals and claiming victory over Sahak Parparyan by majority decision in the final.

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    During the broadcast of Glory 15: Istanbul, it was announced that Pereira would be part of the lineup for the Glory 17: Los Angeles – Last Man Standing middleweight tournament in Inglewood, California, United States on 21 June 2014. Unfortunately, he faced a setback in the quarter-finals, losing to the eventual champion Artem Levin by unanimous decision.

    Pereira, set for a rematch with César Almeida at WGP Kickboxing 25 for the vacant WGP Middleweight title, emerged triumphant and clinched the belt through a decision victory. His successful defense of the WGP KB title came with a second-round knockout of Maycon Silva at WGP KB 40.

    Over his next five fights, Pereira demonstrated an impressive 4–1 run, with his only loss coming against the pound-for-pound great Artur Kyshenko. Notably, during this stretch, he achieved his most renowned victories, defeating the future UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya twice—once by unanimous decision and once with a counter left hook knockout.

    Alex Pereira Image via Sports Illustrated
    Alex Pereira, Image via Sports Illustrated

    The pinnacle of Pereira’s accomplishments came with the Glory Middleweight title, secured through a unanimous decision win against Simon Marcus at Glory 46: China.

    Each victory contributes to his financial ascent, leaving fans and analysts eager to witness the next chapters in his octagonal journey, both in terms of competition and earnings.

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