Ubisoft reveals new trailer of Skull & Bones at its Ubisoft Forward Event

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    During Ubisoft Forward, the publisher unveiled a brand-new trailer and provided fresh information regarding Skull & Bones, a long-in-development swashbuckling pirate game. The setting of Skull & Bones, which is set in the heyday of piracy, is further explored in the teaser. It also discusses a brand-new feature known as smuggling networks, which let players trade with one another within the game to gain notoriety and reputation in the world of pirates. The Skull and Bones ship-building and customization options, which seem to be quite vast, are also shown in the teaser.

    “To achieve that, you’ll have to grow your Infamy and eventually unlock your own pirate lair–known as The Helm–which becomes the base of your smuggling operations,” Ubisoft said. “This is where you’ll be able to manufacture high-value goods like Rum and Opium before selling them to whoever’s got the deepest pockets. From here, you’ll also have more leeway to choose your own contracts, rather than be at the mercy of other pirate kingpins.”

    Players will be able to alter the manoeuvrability, power, and potential perks of their spacecraft through customization. For instance, the Sambuk ship aids players in doing more damage with fired weaponry. While tethered, the Brig has a greater capacity for harm. Each ship can have its own arsenal of weaponry, ammunition, armour, furnishings, and accoutrements.

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    credit: gamespot

    Players will have to deliberately choose how to equip their ships with weapons in order to succeed in the high seas, according to Ubisoft.

    Every weapon can be countered by specific types of armor. For example, leather is strong against fire damage. “Learning to recognize what your enemies are using to protect themselves, and responding with a weapon that can completely destroy it, is one of many ways to survive at sea,” Ubisoft said. Skull and Bones launches on November 8.

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