Ubisoft to release Season 10 of The Division on September 13th, 2022

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    During its Ubisoft Forward presentation, Ubisoft provided specifics regarding its plans for The Division’s upcoming season. Season 10, named Price Power, will debut on September 13 and carry on the Division 2’s ongoing narrative.

    You’ll participate in a fresh Manhunt mission in Price Power to find General Peter Anderson, a True Sons leader attempting an alliance with the Black Tusk. You want to thwart his ambitions before he can forge an alliance since those two enemies would create a lethal team. New costumes and other treasure rewards will be available as usual with the new season.

    Season 11 will begin with new Manhunt targets at the end of 2022. More information will be released later this year, but the presentation hinted a new ally as well as new activities. Finally, Ubisoft hinted that The Division Year 5 is in development and that it will receive longer-term support.

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    The Division 2 debuted in 2019 and has since received frequent content updates in the form of new seasons. The live-service game centres on the missions of an elite operative squad sent to quell unrest and disband militia groups after a pandemic shattered the world’s order. Some characters have been followed throughout the ongoing plot for multiple seasons.

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