Twitter: Elon Musk shares slides from Company talk stating “We’re recruiting”

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    Since completing the $44 billion transaction and taking control of Twitter in October of this year, billionaire Elon Musk has announced a number of changes at the microblogging platform. A general amnesty for suspended accounts, $8 for a blue tick, and other modifications are among the changes.

    After the new “Twit Chief” promised a “hardcore” work ethic at the company, Twitter’s overall workforce has been reduced by a sizable amount either through job layoffs or resignations.

    According to slides from a business presentation that owner Elon Musk tweeted and were cited by Bloomberg News, Twitter Inc. is hiring. This comes following a cost-cutting campaign that saw a sizable number of jobs terminated after the billionaire acquired the social networking site.

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    “We are recruiting” the first slide read with no further details. Musk did not say when he gave the talk about the slide. He has undertaken a dramatic restructuring that initially cut the firm’s headcount in half, Bloomberg reported.

    The presentations that quoted data as of mid-November show that reported impersonations and impressions of hate speech on the social networking site have decreased. Additionally, it demonstrated that new user signups are at an all-time high, averaging more than 2 million per day for the seven days preceding November 16.

    Musk stated in a subsequent tweet that he believes Twitter will surpass 1 billion monthly users in 12 to 18 months.

    credit: businesstoday

    “Advertising as Entertainment, Video, Encrypted DMs, Longform Tweets, Relaunch Blue Verified, Payments,” the slides further read with the caption ‘Twitter 2.0 – The Everything App’. 

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    Following job layoffs, the microblogging business allegedly contacted several of these dismissed workers and requested that they come back, explaining that they had been fired by “mistake.”

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