Twist continues in the transfer saga of Erling Haaland

    Another twist comes in in the transfer saga of Erling Haaland as the Champions League table-toppers Manchester City has reported that they still have the edge in the transfer battle for the Borussia Dortmund striker. However, the star footballer seems to be interested in moving to Spanish football. Various reports state that Manchester City had a deal in place to sign Erling Haaland but sources also state that the Norwegian might go for either Barcelona or Real Madrid.

    However, in this El Classico fight, Man City has still some hopes left and the Premier League giants are currently trying their level best to bring in Haaland. They are going to make the best financial offer to the 21-year-old, and Haaland’s father is also keen for his soon to move to the Etihad Stadium.

    Performance of Erling Haaland

    Erling Haaland has been phenomenal in his overall performance, and he has made himself one of the greatest of this generation at a very young age. The Spanish capital Real Madrid and the Catalan giants Barcelona FC are mainly onto the fight for Erling Haaland, and it seems like both of them aren’t going to let the Norway international go easily.

    Any club would dream to get Haaland to their team, and at present Barcelona and Madrid are mainly seeing it. Though Manchester City has a great possibility to get Haaland considering their offer that they going to get, and also for the player’s father’s wish.

    Real and Barca on the fight

    As said, Haaland would indeed be a dream signing for Prep Guardiola’s side and they can also use him as a long-term replacement of Sergio Aguero. On the other hand, Barcelona who is growing once more, filled with some young talented footballers will be looking forward to adding another young talented player to their list.

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