Tottenham has the most empty seats in the Premier League than any other team

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    According to recent statistics, Tottenham has the most empty seats in the Premier League this season. According to a survey of average attendances this season, Tottenham has 5,000 more empty seats than any other team.

    Chelsea also had trouble filling their stadiums for many of their home games. According to the study, there are roughly 3,000 unoccupied seats on average. According to statistics from bookmaker, Spurs have an average of 8,284 empty seats per matchday, based on the cheapest available ticket.

    About the Tottenham Stadium

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    Tottenham’s £1 billion stadium is widely regarded as the best in the Premier League, with numerous unique selling points. The single-tier south stand is fewer than five meters from the pitch, the closest of any Premier League stadium.

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    However, the team is still striving to reach the heights reached under Mauricio Pochettino, and the gap between them and Chelsea was highlighted in Sunday’s meeting at Stamford Bridge.

    Other Clubs and Ticket Revenue

    Southampton and Burnley finished third and fourth in terms of unsold ticket income, respectively. Manchester City, the Premier League champions, finished fifth. The top ten teams include Crystal Palace, Watford, Leeds United, West Ham United, and Newcastle United. Some fans were hesitant to attend games during the Covid-19 outbreak, which contributed to the inability to sell out.

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    By this metric, Leicester City is the best-performing team in the Premier League, with only 251 unsold tickets on a normal matchday. The King Power Stadium holds 32,312, making it far from the smallest venue in the division.

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    The cost of the cheapest ticket was used to assess the amount of money lost due to empty seats in the study. Spurs were losing £165,000 a game, Chelsea £155,000, and Leicester £6,526 per game, according to the report.

    The empty home seats, according to a Chelsea official, were owned by season ticket holders and had already been paid for, with the sole money lost coming from no-shows not spending on food and beverages.

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