Dropping In Hot: Top Battle Royale Games by Monthly Player Count in 2024

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    In 2024, the online gaming landscape is still dominated by the battle royale genre. With millions of players parachuting onto virtual battlegrounds each month, the competition to be the last one standing is fiercer than ever. But with so many options available, which games reign supreme in terms of active players?

    Battle Royale

    This definitive guide dives into the eight most popular battle royale games based on estimated monthly active players (as of July 2024) and explores what makes each one unique:

    Eight most popular battle royale games

    1. PUBG: Battlegrounds (253 Million Monthly Active Players):

    PUBG: Battlegrounds, still holds the crown for the most active players globally. This realistic military shooter throws you onto massive maps where strategy and tactical thinking are paramount.

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    Mastering recoil patterns, utilizing cover effectively, and coordinating with your squad are key skills for PUBG veterans. The game offers a variety of modes beyond the classic battle royale, keeping the experience fresh.

    2. Fortnite Battle Royale (237 Million Monthly Active Players):

    A cultural phenomenon, Fortnite continues to captivate players with its vibrant visuals, ever-evolving map, and constant stream of new content. Building mechanics add a unique layer of strategy to the combat, allowing players to construct forts for defense or create intricate launch pads for aggressive plays.


    Fortnite also boasts a thriving casual scene with a variety of non-combat game modes, appealing to a broader audience.

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    3. Garena Free Fire (80 Million Monthly Active Players):

    Free Fire’s mobile-first approach has propelled it to massive success, particularly in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The fast-paced action and focus on close-quarters combat make for intense, bite-sized matches that cater to players on the go.


    Regular updates with unique characters, weapons, and game modes keep the experience exciting for its dedicated player base.

    4. Apex Legends (68 Million Monthly Active Players):


    Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play hero shooter took the world by storm upon its release in 2019. Apex Legends features a diverse cast of Legends with unique abilities, encouraging teamwork and strategic team composition. The fast-paced movement system with ziplines, wall-running, and grappling hooks adds a layer of verticality not found in other battle royales.

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    5. Call of Duty: Warzone (59 Million Monthly Active Players):


    Warzone, integrated with the Call of Duty franchise, offers a polished and familiar experience for Call of Duty veterans. The large map, Verdansk, is packed with iconic locations from the Call of Duty universe, creating a sense of nostalgia for longtime fans. Warzone also features a unique Gulag system where eliminated players can fight for a second chance to rejoin the match.

    6. Valorant (23 Million Monthly Active Players):


    While not a traditional battle royale with a shrinking map, Valorant offers a unique take on the genre. This tactical shooter pits two teams of five against each other in a round-based format where attackers must plant a bomb and defenders must prevent them. With its emphasis on precise aiming, strategic ability usage, and team coordination, Valorant caters to a more competitive player base.

    7. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (13 Million Monthly Active Players):

    img 8

    Fall Guys injects a dose of lighthearted fun into the battle royale formula. This physics-based party game throws players into a series of wacky obstacle courses and challenges where the last bean standing wins. Fall Guys’ colorful visuals, hilarious physics, and chaotic multiplayer make it a perfect game for a casual and fun social experience.

    8. Naraka: Bladepoint (6 Million Monthly Active Players):

    This melee-focused battle royale offers a unique twist on the genre. Set in a fantastical world inspired by Chinese mythology, Naraka: Bladepoint focuses on close-quarters combat with swords, grappling hooks, and special abilities.

    img 9

    The fast-paced action and focus on movement skills make for a thrilling and challenging experience for players who enjoy mastering the blade.

    Choosing Your Drop Zone:

    The best battle royale game for you depends on your preferences. If you crave large-scale battles with strategic depth, PUBG or Fortnite might be your best bet. For a fast-paced, mobile-friendly option, Free Fire reigns supreme. If you enjoy hero abilities and movement-focused combat, Apex Legends is a great choice.

    And for Call of Duty veterans, Warzone offers a familiar and polished experience. Ultimately, the best way to find your favorite battle royale is to jump in and start playing! Most of these titles offer free-to-play options, allowing you to try them out before committing.

    Whether you crave intense realism, whimsical building battles, or exhilarating close-quarter showdowns, there’s a battle royale out there waiting to be discovered. So grab your squad, choose your landing zone, and get ready to fight for survival!

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