Top 5 Tata Cars that will hit in 2023 

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    Tata has celebrated a strong positive trajectory in the EV market for the past few years. There is a top 5 manufacturer list to challenge for the second spot. Tata has crossed a long way. This latest SUV lineup contributed to the growth, other cars have also gotten chips to the growth. Tata already knows that it can’t get any such complacent. There is a planned sleeve of the latest cars that have expected to hit in the new months: 

    Here is the list of the Top 5 important Tata Cars: 


    5. Harriers EV 

    Tata desires to expand their EV segment. Tata is working on the Harrier EV or an EV that’s based on the Harrier. Now, this car has been codenamed as ‘Eturna’ the new reports have suggested that Tata is testing the car for the manufacturing plant. The car has passed the ‘mule’ phase and also entered the Alpha test phase. The latest EV might see a lunch by 2023. 

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    4. Harrier/Safari Facelift 

    The new Harrier has been instrumental in Tata’s success in the big SUV space. The Safari has followed in the footsteps of the harrier. Now, both of them are also expected to get such a  major facelift. The car is set to get a reworked front fascia with the latest headlamps and bumpers. The car has a 360-degree camera. Tata might include some ADAS features to attract customers. 

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    3. Tata Punch EV 

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    The SUV is running on a road on a dark stormy night. In the front end, there is a Nexon grille with pride inspired by the Harrier split headlamp design with LED DRLs at the bonnet and headlights on the bumper. The grille has covered by a chrome frame that provides a great contrast in comparison to the other black outlook. The bumper has been garnered with a glossy matte finish to provide some character and contrast the complete details to the front. The fog lamps become housed on either side of the bumper. Tata Punch windows are also tainted black to fit into the design theme. 

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    2. Tata Altroz EV 

    As the new Electric SUV was developed based on the ALFA platform that belongs to Altroz, we can assume that on 6th April Tata is going to reveal Altroz EV too. Tata Altroz EV is expected can deliver up to 300 km on a single charge. Tata first time exposed the concept of Altroz in 2019 at the  Geneva Motor Show. It will launch with modified Zipton Technology from Tata. 

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    1. Nexon CNG 

    Tata Nexon has already beings a whirlwind in the EV segment, Tata Nexon is a star performer for the brand. The best-selling SUV in India. The dominance was also halted by the latest Brezza. The Nexon desires to take back the crown. The brand could launch in a CNG variant of this compact SUV. The Nexon CNG variant caters to people looking for a fuel-efficient, safe SUV. 

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