Top 5 Countries who have reached the EURO Cup finals the most!

    The European Championship is one of the biggest football championships ever. It gives us many entertaining games, along with some incredible performances. Many players built records, as well as many teams also do it. One of those unique records is, countered with the maximum number of EURO Cup appearances in the final.

    Check out the top 5 teams with the most number of EURO Cup final appearances ever, below.

    1. Germany – 5 Finals

    Germany is regarded as one of the greatest teams in international football. Hence it is of no surprise, that a legendary team will be a part of such an achievement. Out of their 5 appearances at the EURO cup final, they emerged victoriously in 3 of them.

    2. Italy – 4 Finals

    A nation with a glorious history in international football in Italy. Italy’s presence in this list, is certainly not a surprising one, as they are the 4-time world cup champions, and out of their 4 EURO Cup final appearances, they gained victory once. Also, they have the chance to win the present EURP 2020 cup, which is to be held on 12th July.

    3. Spain – 4 Finals

    Another team on the list, and joint with Italy, is Spain, with 4 finals in their pocket. They were the dominators of the football world between 2008 to 2021 and won two consecutive EURO titles in that period. Overall they have won three out of 4 final appearances, and their one defeat came against France in 1984.

    4. Soviet Union – 4 Finals

    Soviet Union has marked themselves in 4 finals of the EURO Cup. There was a time, when the Soviet Union was among the top and branded teams, and won one EURO title, out of their 4. They had very good players and showed their efficiency in World Cup as well as in the Olympics.

    5. France – 3 Finals

    The team with 3 EURO Cup finals, and coms 5th in this list is France. They have become the powerhouse footballing nation at present, and have secured the win in two out of three EURO Cup finals.

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