Here is the list of Top 15 Companies Owned by Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos is also one of the top leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders. It is quite interesting to know about theJeff Bezos. In this, there are many companies that have been owned by Jeff Bezos company. There are also many companies that have crossed the market capitalization above the $500 billion are also few and near to the trillion clubs. In this, we will like to mention such names as SpaceX, Alexa, Blue Origin, Zappos, IMDb, and Amazon Web Services.

    Here is the list of Top 15 companies owned by Jeff Bezos:

    Jeff Bezos

    15. Digital Photography Review

    It is one of the repeated websites for all the things established in 1998. It is currently in the UK. It is an American technology company that focuses mainly on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and Artificial Intelligence.

    14. Bezos Expeditions

    It is the name that has been given to the personal venture capital investments of Jeff Bezos. It mainly invests in the vehicle that he was also an early stakeholder in Google. It seems that over the years this venture  arm has just put money into Twitter, Domo, Juno Therapeutics.

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    13. Ring

    It is also one of the companies owned by Bezos. There are the other subsidiaries Twitch, IMDb, and Whole Foods Market. It seems that Amazon got new eyes for 41 billion. This connected–camera Doorbell Company also integrated with various Amazon services.

    12. Goodreads

    It also allows such individuals to free search and also with an extensive user-populated database of books, annotations, and also reviews. In this, the user also can sign up and register.

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    11. AWS Elemental

    Amazon purchased this video processing company Elemental Technologies to bolster AWS. This company is owned by Amazon Web Services. It gives multi-screen video solutions to the provider. AWS also makes cloud computing and storage software for business along with the handful of which subsequently have currently got investment.

    10. IMDb

    It is really a surprise to many. It is true that IMDb or Internet Movie database is owned completely by Amazon. This IMDb is a library of movies and shows of the whole world.

    Amazon Web Services - Wikipedia

    9. Amazon Web Services(AWS)

    It is a history for  Amazon with an American  Internet sales company. Amazon drops the last-mile delivery program and ordered. It is true that Google is also a multinational corporation that also specializes in Internet-related services and also products and General Assembly Logo.

    8. Alexa

    It offers website Information and analytics, Alexa was Horizon Forbidden Westby Amazon in 1999. It utilizes three months’ data for comparison websites based on the favor. The voice service of Alexa was also built into Amazon Echo.

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    7. Woot

    It is mainly an online deal that shows the best deals present on the different platforms. It is the history of Amazon and also an American internet sales company. It was the first book sold on

    6. Amazon Robotics

    It is mainly the system of Kiva Systems. It is Amazon Robotics is a company that also manufactures mobile robotic fulfillment systems. It was also one of Amazon’s largest purchases at the time of the acquisition in 2012.

    Audible (service) - Wikipedia

    5. Audible

    It is a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment programming on the internet. It is a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment. Whole Foods Market.

    4. Whole Foods

    It seems that Whole Foods for $13.2 billion. It also purchase the Whole Foods Market supermarket chain in 2017. It is a chain selling organic foods that also had been acquired by Amazon in 2017.

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    3. Zappos

    It was bought by Amazon for an all-stock deal of  $1.2 billion at the time. It is a reputed online shoe marketplace that also has been got by Amazon since 2009, it also provides such an online shoe and apparel marketplace.

    2. Blue Origin

    It is similar to SpaceX. Jeff Bezos also got an aerospace company. This company was founded in 20000 as a human spaceflight start-up. Bezos thinks it will be a key focus once he steps down from the Amazon CEO role in late 2021.

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    1. Amazon

    In America, Amazon is one of the top multinational companies, it is informed that the company List mainly focuses on various types of services like e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. In 2019 It become the most expensive company in the world and still growing with 1.3 million employees.  In 2021, this company also has enlisted its name on the trillion clubs.

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