Here is the list of Top 10 Sexiest Men in the world in 2022

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    We have often talked about the hot and sexiest woman but there is no such discussion on good-looking and sexiest men. As it is human nature to talk about women when it comes to good-looking and attractiveness. We cannot deny the fact that there are many men who are charming, and handsome with good physiques.

    One of the most interesting facts is that women mainly get smitten with such handsome men who have been carried such appealing charm. We have come here with the list of the sexiest man in the world.

    Here is the list of the world’s Top 10 sexiest men:

    Pharrell Williams Launches All-Gender Vegan Skincare Line | VegNews

    10. Pharrell Williams

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    In the list of sexiest men, he got 10th position. There is no lie that he has provided us with much happiness.

    Robert Pattinson Movies List: All His Movies From Lowest To Best-Rated

    9. Robert Pattinson

    This man got the ninth position on the list. He is a very known and popular face. The fans of team Edward adore Robert Pattinson and also many Heart readers. This man already stole many hearts of the woman.

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    Jake Gyllenhaal isn't soaping up much lately. He's not alone - Los Angeles  Times

    8. Jake Gyllenhaal

    He has got the eighth position on our list. He is a very popular face. He has a good physique and also a handsome face on which many hearts of the girls have been melted.

    Bradley Cooper: Sexiest man alive |

    7. Bradley Cooper

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    He has got the seventh position on our list. Bradley Cooper actually topped on the People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive poll that once but he has been made our top ten each and every year.

    All of the Ryan Reynolds movies on Netflix

    6. Ryan Reynolds

    This man has got the sixth position on our list. We have seen him in many films mainly in the Fast and Furious franchise. He has a good physique and the attractive look has already killed much heart of the girls.

    Ryan Gosling movies – ranked! | Ryan Gosling | The Guardian

    5. Ryan Gosling

    This good-looking man has got the fifth position on our list. He is a firm favourite in the Heart office.

    18 Featured David Beckham's Hairstyles / Advanced Style of Hair

    4. David Beckham

    If you are a football fan then you definitely know him. It seems that this father of four and all-around goof egg has been voted as the ‘Sexiest Man on the Planet’. It is very simple. David Beckham has been modelled his debut Bodywear collection for H&M. Picture: H&M.

    Henry Cavill to star in fantasy drama Highlander reboot: 'An opportunity  like no other' | Hollywood - Hindustan Times

    3. Henry Cavill

    If you have seen the Superman films then you definitely know this handsome hunk. This man is really a good-looking person from all perspectives like height,  physique, and we have nothing to talk about his looks. He is also a popular face of The Witcher series.

    Idris Elba - Variety500 - Top 500 Entertainment Business Leaders |

    2. Idris Elba

    This man has got the second position on our list. Idris Elba smoulders on the cover of Maxim magazine. He was the first man who has set to feature on the cover spot and also many hoped he became the first black James Bond but is very sad that he would not be but the love of the fans has not decreased though.

    Jamie Dornan Felt 'Relief' When He First Lost 'Fifty Shades' Role to  Charlie Hunnam

    1. Jamie Dornan

    He is the sexiest man in the world. He has got the top spot in our list at Heart it has to be the original Mr. Grey. Phwoar! Jamie Dornan has been an expert to steal hearts since he has appeared for the first in the fifty Shades of Grey franchise in 2015.

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