Here is the list of Top 10 Global and High Valued Startups

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    It is true that there are over a billion successful startups in the world and each of the startups is striving very hard as a successful and come to the top with just only of a few taking the place in the list of the most valuable startups in the world.

    As a  most valuable startup, it is a perk as the funds they have been possessed for much more compared with their rivals and also such other companies provide them with such an extra feature in the top 10 list of the high-value startups in the world.

    Here is the list of the top 10 Global and High Valued Startups:


    10. Grab, Singapore

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    It seems that Grab is a multinational ride-hailing company that revolves around Singapore. It just operates in South Asian countries and it has been dubbed like the region’s first Decacorn. It just provides the services like the transportation and demanding the delivery and also has the financial services.

    9. Roblox Corporation, USA

    This video game developer company is from America with its headquarters in San Mateo, California. This company is best known on the online gaming platform and the game’s creation system in 2006. This company is employing recently 1,234  people. This Roblox platform for Lego-like users just generated the public with a valuation of $41.9 bn.

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    Making sense of Klarna | TechCrunch

    8. Klarna, Sweden

    This company basically is a Stockholm. It is true that Sweden-based fintech company offering such online payment services with the empowering digital payments for online storefronts. It has raising currently the value at $639 mn that led by Softbank Vision Fun II with some of the investors that had shot the valuation to $46 bn on June 2021.

    7. Didi Chuxing, China

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    It is the world-leading mobile transportation platform. DiDi gives such automobile services containing sales, leasing, financing, maintenance, fleet operation, an electric vehicle with automakers. DiDi mainly uses such AI technologies and machine learning. The subscribers of DiDi contains  99, Uber Ltd, DIDI Bus, Xiaoju, Automobile Solutions Co., AssureSec, Qingju Bike, Shanghai Dahuangfeng, Network Information Technology Co. Ltd.

    New SpaceX jumbo rocket set for debut test launch in company milestone |  The Japan Times

    6. SpaceX

    SpaceX is mainly a private American aerospace manufacturer with such space transformation services company that is building rocket engines and thrusters.

    This company was founded by Elon Mask who owns Tesla and Paypal. This company became the first private space company to launch humans into space. The main target is to reduce space transportation costs and also colonize Mars.

    5. Stripe, USA

    Stripe mainly an online payment processing platform for internet businesses. It just provides an API to the web developers as they can integrate the payment processing on their website and also in the mobile applications.

    This Stripe just allows other companies to receive payments over the internet. It seems Square, Adyen, Paypal, WePay are the competitors of Stripe.

    Airbnb's big new update is focused on flexibility — here's what's new

    4. Airbnb, USA

    This company is basically is nothing but the accommodation marketplace that is providing such access to over  6 million unique places for staying such comfortable with their leisure in near 100,000 cities and 191 countries. This company acts as a broker and also earns the come vision from each of the bookings.

    This company was founded by Brian CheskyJoe, Gebbiaa Nathan, Blecharczyk inS. It has current valuation is $130 bn.

    3. Ant Group, China

    It is an affiliate company with Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba. This group is the owner of the biggest digital payments platform, Alipay of China. It has boasted the serve around 80 million merchants and more than 1 billion users.

    This new company has been recently valued at $144 bn lower than the appraised value that has been tagged at the whopping $295 bn.

    2. Kuaishou, China

    It is mainly a  short video social platform that is not very much popular in western countries. It is a short video-sharing platform that had just over 200 million active users in 2019. It has been listed as the most downloaded app on Google play store and app store. This company was founded by   Su Hua, Cheng Yixiao in March 2011.

    Bytedance teams up with a state-run Chinese publisher | The Economist

    1. Bytedance, China

    It is mainly a Chinese multinational internet Technology Company headquartered in Beijing. It was founded by Zhang Yiming in 2012. It operates a range of content platforms that inform, educate, entertain, and encourage people to learn languages, cultures, religions. This company is the parent company of  Toutiao that is a news aggregator app that uses AI  algorithms for tracking the habits of the reader and delivering relevant content.

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