Tom Brady will make a comeback from retirement for his 23rd NFL season

    NFL fans are overjoyed as legendary Tom Brady will strike back to football soon. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar who is one of the greatest players of all time in the history of the NFL league took less than 2 months to come back to his original profession. Tom Brady has tweeted that he has decided to come back from retirement and will play his 23rd NFL season. The news from his Twitter account on Sunday night equally shocked and overjoyed people all over the world.

    Tom Brady in this regard

    Tom Brady said in this regard that he has realized that his place is still on the field rather than being on stands. He also added that that particular time will come but hasn’t come yet. He loves his teammates and he loves his family too. They all have made it possible and he is coming back for his 23rd season in Tampa, he added.

    His retirement

    Brady initially announced his retirement on February 1, 2022, and wrote a lengthy statement on social media, however, he was not able to commit the same and came out of retirement considering his time has not come yet. At that time, he wrote that it is a bit hard for him to write but he stated that he will not make any competitive commitment anymore. He has loved his NFL career and at present, it is his time to focus on his energy as well as on other things that require his attention.

    But now Brady has come out of retirement with an attempt to lead the Buccaneers in 3rd straight playoff appearance, following their victory in the Super Bowl with the team in their first session in Tampa Bay. Fans are expecting much from the return of the legend and indeed Tom Brady will give his best at this age as well.

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