Marvel Future Revolution: Rescue Thor to fight Against Gorr

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    The recently released Marvel Studios film Thor: Love and Thunder served as inspiration for a new update that Netmarble has released for their mobile RPG game Marvel Future Revolution. The God Butcher, a brand-new Epic Invasion that players can take part in, will allow them to team up with Mighty Thor.

    Players will team up with characters from Thor: Love and Thunder in Epic Invasion: The God Butcher and try to save Thor from Gorr, the movie’s villain. Thor will replenish his strength when each phase of the battle is finished, and he will then confront Gorr alongside Miek, Korg, and Valkyrie. Players will receive a new Special Battle Badge with a Gorr motif after winning the battle.

    Players can now hire the Mighty Thor, who can charge lighting energy, in addition to the Epic Invasion. She can also use lightning to pierce through opponents and deal more damage as it moves from one to the next. Players can efficiently target many adversaries at once when an enemy is electrocuted because they will suffer less damage.

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    To commemorate the new update, a unique and powerful event is also planned. The new Mighty Thor may be hired if players spin the wheel. It will also be possible to participate in Invasion: The God Butcher and obtain a three-star Thor by using the “Thunder Fragment Craft.”

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