“The Unbearable Weight”: Nicolas Cage’s amazing transformation into Nick Cage is really more attractive

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    Lionsgate Films has dropped the trailer of Nicolas Cage’s upcoming film  The Unbearable Weight has been released. It is featuring Nicolas Cage, Tiffany Haddish, Neil Patrick Harris, Ike Barinholtx, and also more will be a feature in the movie. And it is due in April 2022.

    It has been promised about a peak Nicolas cage film, the cage has been played a top version of himself as Nick Cage who has been very respected belong he washed up and debt-saddled actor who has got a mixture with the drug kingpin and later it has become an informant for the  CIA.  

    The Unbearable Weight: Nicolas Cage’s trailer Details

    Nicolas Cage in 'The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent' Trailer - Variety

    Due to the urgency of the cash, Cage has become connected with Neil Patrick Harris with a Mexican billionaire that has been played by Pedro Pascal just like the appearance at the birthday party. Later, he has been learned that the billionaire may be in fact a major player in the cartel world who has also kidnapped the daughter of the Mexican presidential nominee.

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    In an interview this Summer, Cage said, “ will never see this movie”  as it was made ” for the audience…it’s too much for me to go to the premier and sit here with everybody.  Psychologically, that’s too bizarre and whacked out for me.”

    The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent' Trailer Promises 'The Most Nicolas  Cage Movie Ever' (Video)

    He was recently playing the role of Dracula in the latest monster film Renfield along with Nicolas Hoult as the titular henchman and Awkwafina. He was also played a literary critic who has been believed that he was a vampire in 1989 for the horror-comedy Vampire’s Kiss.

    The actor is now at the age of 57 and also said, in an interview this September that he will never retire.

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