The Chant arriving to scare you on November the 3rd

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    Yesterday saw the debut of a new trailer for The Chant, a horror adventure game from Brass Token, along with the announcement of the game’s release date. This new teaser displays the battle system and terrifying creatures of the game while illustrating what it’s like to be a member of a “New Age Cult.”

    The game will have plenty of eldritch abominations seeking to find you, as you can see from the trailer. As there appear to be executions a la Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol, The Chant’s literal interpretation of “fighting your inner demons” is displaying itself with demons that are not going to pull any punches (very literally). Consequently, the monstrosities are now even more terrifying.

    The video game examines a cult that has been around since the 1970s and uses prisms’ combined energy to create a spiritual gateway to The Gloom. They aim to become enlightened spiritually and receive guidance on what is supposed to be a profound and liberating journey. However, the truth conceals a complicated and dark tale that leads you down a terrifying path as it haphazardly plays out in front of your eyes.

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    The Gloom feeds on negative energies and begins to negatively impact your sanity and those of others, which sends you on a journey of hallucinogenic horror that reaches new heights. Understanding this new age cult’s mysteries and improving your mind, body, and spirit are your only options. You will only be able to undo The Gloom’s effects and stop it from enslaving and dominating you permanently after that.

    The game’s initial release timeframe was for the fall of 2022. But as of the right moment, that deadline is November 3, 2022. Once this date arrives, the game will be made available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC through Steam.

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