The best PDF file editors in 2021

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    If you have to work with Portable Document Format regularly you may see that there is a huge variety of different tools to proceed with everything with such files. PDF became popular ten years ago when people recognized all advantages of using it. For example, you may multiply and compile graphical and text materials into one file and keep them totally secured by digital encryption. Also, it is really easy to edit and put some quick changes. Moreover, we enjoy keeping such files on our working PCs as the primary document format because the merging tool allows us to keep all files in one group by batching them together. PDF seem to be relevant for the future because all modern requirements are followed.

    Today we are going to overview the most popular PDF services. We will discuss free and paid services to outline the best one and find the smartest way to work with PDF documents easily. They will help you to deal with all documents as a professional. What tools should be used by PC users to fulfil their working experience? Let’s take a closer look at them right now!

    We think that we should start with paid editors and represent them firstly. Today you could purchase:

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    Acrobat Reader and Editor PRO

    It will give you full features of PDF editing and proceeding. OCR tool is also great, but here you won’t see any user-friendly interface. You should have some special skills to work with this tablet PC software. However, if you tried any adobe product before you will start working with this programme without any difficulties as soon as possible. Its price is 180$ per full version, but if you do not need it for ages, you may just subscribe for 13$ per month for the standard version and 15$ per professional version of Adobe Acrobat DC. I want to underline the Optical Character Recognition provided by Adobe service. It looks good because of its quality and speed.


    You may start using this service for free, but here you may find the premium account permission, which should be purchased if you want to fulfil your user’s experience. It is not only a generic PDF editor. You could make an annotation. This programme is partly free because there is a small limit of editing PDF files only under 10 MB and it could be increased only by purchasing premium access. We think that 36$ for the year of premium account is not so expensive for people, who work with documents every day (ex. office workers).

    Our third service is absolutely free for everyone worldwide. You may use it without making any payments at all. All tools are currently available for new and upcoming users, who want to start working with PDF files in one place. We think that it is really good to provide all file management activity in one place. Moreover, we just forgot to say that, this service came online and you do not have to download any software on your working PC. It will help you to save some storage place for working documents. All tools are of outstanding quality and the service is 100% protected from cyber attacks, so you may be calm that your documents are secured and encrypted. We also like the processing speed. A lot of quality high-speed data servers are ready to help in managing your PDF documents. You should be ready for a new task at work because you will get too much free time, which is saved by this online service.

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