The Batman Creator Matt Reeves Confirms the Identity of Supervillain Heard at the End of the Film: ‘No Idea if we would return to that…’

    After much wait and anticipation, The Batman has finally hit the theatres. The Matt Reeves-directed movie reboots the franchise and is even a jumping-off point for a Bat-verse, an innovative cinematic environment dense with Batman’s rogues’ gallery and supporting characters. Starring Robert Pattinson in the lead role, the film has been receiving positive reviews and is even proceeding towards a notable commercial performance- especially for a pandemic release.

    The Batman Official Trailer

    The Batman Hits Theatres

    The film displays a 30-something Bruce Wayne moonlighting as a costumed Caped Crusader and applying fear to frighten the criminals to Gotham City. However, he’s out of his depth before a dangerous and savage loner who has turned into a serial killer and is killing the elite of Gotham. 

    Ultimately, Batman is unable to restrict the Riddler from reaching its goal and resultantly the city is flooded. Meanwhile, the superhero who saves many citizens comes out as a symbol of hope as contradicted to fear and vengeance, understanding he was not very superior to his greatest enemy.

    The Batman: What Does the Audience See in the End?

    At the movie climax, the Riddler is portrayed to be locked up in the Arkham State Hospital. An inmate in the adjacent cell is seen calling him up and asking what is that which they say! The voice even added that one day he’s at the top while on the very next day he’s a clown. According to many theories, it’s Barry Keoghan, playing an initial version of Joker. 

    Now comes the confirmation from Reeves, “It is the Joker, he said.” 

    However, he put a caution that he might not be the big villain of the next segment because he has zero ideas if the character will be explored in the next releases in the franchise. 

    Reeves said that it’s not an Easter egg scene and it doesn’t belong to one of those end credit categories in the MCU or DC where it seems like hey, then it’s the next movie. He further added, he has no idea whereof if they would return to that character in the movie.

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