Tekken 8 will soon make its Debut

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    The PlayStation State of Play presentation in September indicated that Tekken 8 is indeed in development. The event on September 13 saw the release of the game’s first significant trailer, and it looks fantastic. The series’ first game for next-generation systems will be Tekken 8.

    Rumors regarding Tekken 8 began circulating a few weeks ago when the creators revealed a teaser at EVO 2022. At first, it wasn’t clear if it was for a remaster/remake or a completely new game. Katsuhiro Harada, Executive Producer and Director of Bandai Namco, has acknowledged the development, therefore it appears that the latter is the case.

    The fighting game Tekken has established an enduring heritage and grown to be a recognizable franchise. The Tekken video games are played both competitively and recreationally by millions of fans across the world. Due to the success of the franchise, programs, anime, and movies have all been made from the games.

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    The focus of the new game seems to be on Kazuya and Jin’s relationship, as the trailer shows them engaged in a heated argument. A story mode for Tekken 8 has also been confirmed by the teaser.

    Fans will need to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the game, as thrilling as it is. The game will still be under development for some time, according to Harada, therefore the release dates won’t be known for some time. The game’s size makes Q3 2023 appear like a reasonable release date.

    Although the game’s teaser debuted at Sony’s State of Play event, it won’t be a PS exclusive. Following the incident, Bandai Namco officially announced that the game would be released on PC and the Xbox Series XlS.

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