Tata Motors brings Tigor EV Sedan with Ziptron technology in Nepal

    India’s homegrown automaker Tata Motors collaborated with Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd to give push the electric vehicle market in Nepal by launching Tigor EV. It is reported that the deliveries of the Tigor EV will spread across the country. In following the idea of the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) sibling, the electric vehicle was approved by GNAP with a rating of 4 stars for the adult which means the  EV got 12 out of 717 points, and among the child, it get 37.24 out of 49 with tight protection.

    Surprisingly, the scale reach new heights in the world of electric mobility, the brand new Tigor EV is equipped with Tata Motors’ availability with high voltage  EV architecture, Ziptron, the EV  manufactures based on the three strong pillars that are technology, Comfort, and Security.

    Tata Motors Unveil The New Tigor EV In India

    The vehicles already started to display in showrooms and can get for a test drive under the dealer network by Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd.Mr. Mayank Baldi, the Head PVIB, Tata Motors said,” EVs are fast gaining popularity on the back of rising comfort of customers as the barriers to adoption are being overcome and also due to growing look for environmentally friendly solutions this has been spearheaded by our very own Nexon EV, which today is the most popular EV in the markets. The  Nepal market has been a  strong propagator of RVs, which has indeed inspired us to widen our offering here.

    We are ecstatic to launch the Tigor EV today, powered by the capable Zipton Technology. The Tigor EV is a perfect option for all aspiring sedan buyers who are looking  to own  a  vehicle  that is technologically advanced, comfortable, and also high on safety standards, while also being  an environmental-friendly commute, making  it  such an irresistible choice  for the buyers o #EvolveToElectric.”

    The chief executive officer of Sipradi Trading  Pvt. Ltd said,” the introduction of the anew Tigor EV sedan, after the overwhelming response to the  Nexon EV, marks another milestone with our partnership with Tata Motors. The latest Tigor EV Sedan is uniquely suited to address the aspirations of Nepalese customers while also promoting hassle-free EV adaptation. We are very excited to be  a part of this   electrifying journey and will continue  bringing  the best of the products  to our customers in Nepal.”

    Tata Motors unveils Tigor EV with Ziptron technology

    The brand new Tigor EV extended with an ARAI-certified range of 3006 km. The Tigor EV also provides a peak power output of 55kW and also has a torque of 1700Nm and also powered by a 26kWh liquid-cooled, high energy density with battery pack and also has an IP 67 rated battery pack and motor.

    Tigor EV comes with three variants XE, XM, and XZ+ that also will come with 8 years and 160,000km battery and motor warranty for the EV owners. It has been adjustable electrically adjustable and also foldable ORVMMs, a smart key along with a push-button start, portable charging cable.

    The impact-resistant battery-package casing of Tigor EV complies with Rear Crash with structure with the car as compatible with globally acceptable CCS2 charging protocol with fast charging as well as slow charges from any 15 A plug point.

    Tigor EV Sedan: Price

    The Tigor EV XE is priced with NPR 29.99 lakhs, Tigor EV XM with NPR 31.49 lakhs, and Tigor EV XZ+ with NPT 32.99 lakhs.

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