Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Space Jam 2 releases today: all details of the cast, trailer, plot, and many more

Space Jam 2 is an upcoming American live-action/ animated sports comedy film. It is directed by Malcolm D. Lee. It is based on Space...

Madame Xanadu: DC comic character will have a series adaption on HBO Max

Madame Xanadu, the immortal sorceress who dates back to the time of King Arthur and is part of the Justice League Dark Universe. It...

Gossip Girl Reboot – Trailer, cast, release date, and every detail known still now

Gossip Girl is a teen drama-based American upcoming web series. It is based on the novel series Gossip Girl written by Cecily Von Ziegesar....

HBO Max takes its first step towards a “prospective future” for launching in India

HBO Max has taken its first step towards India launch with WarnerMedia. On Friday, it has announced that it has appointed Disney all time,...

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