Valve: Steam Deck production is moving faster and better than Expected

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    More individuals will now receive their portable PC in Q3, instead of their original Q4 ship date since the Steam Deck is being built in more quantities than Valve anticipated (October or onwards).

    Lawrence Yang, a Valve designer involved in Steam Deck shipping, informed us of the good news on Twitter as Tom’s Hardware noted. As Yang points out, this is a result of some people receiving an order email for a Q4 reservation. Yang clarifies that this isn’t an error and that customers on this particular boat would receive their Steam Deck by the end of September.

    Another tweet clarifies that although the reservation windows haven’t yet been adjusted, they will soon. Don’t worry if you didn’t receive your order email since you weren’t expecting it yet; there is still time to get your order refunded by submitting a service ticket.

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    Players who order the Steam Deck now might receive their hardware in November or perhaps October, which isn’t that much later than a month from now if production speeds up. 

    By the end of the year, Valve has already guaranteed that all reservations (made before August) will be processed. By the time 2023 arrives, we should hopefully be in a scenario where reservations are no longer required.

    It’s important to note that some Twitter users have expressed their displeasure over having their reservation moved from Q3 to Q4 in the opposite direction. The problem, however, appears to be that they mistook a previous ship date of “after Q3” for “in Q3,” even though this was never the case.

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