Starfield Sets Course for Long-Term Exploration with Annual Story Expansions

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    Space explorers, rejoice! Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed their commitment to Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG launched in September 2023.


    This commitment goes beyond the upcoming “Shattered Space” expansion – the studio is aiming for an annual cadence of narrative-driven content, promising a vast and ever-evolving galaxy for players to explore.

    More Starfield on the Horizon

    In a recent interview with YouTube channel MrMattyPlays, Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed plans for ongoing Starfield support. Following the release of “Shattered Space” later in 2024, the studio aims to deliver a new story expansion annually “for hopefully a very long time.”

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    This news comes as a welcome surprise for Starfield’s 14 million players, who have been traversing the vast expanse of the settled systems since launch. The game marked Bethesda’s first new IP in years, and its ambitious scope offered a universe brimming with possibilities.

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    Shattered Space: A Focused Adventure Awaits

    While Starfield’s vastness is part of its allure, some players felt exploration lacked depth due to the sheer number of procedurally generated planets. “Shattered Space” appears to address this concern, offering a more concentrated experience akin to Bethesda’s previous titles like Fallout 4’s “Far Harbor” DLC.

    Howard himself described the expansion as “a landscape like we would traditionally do,” focusing on a specific planet with a central city and a rich questline. This allows for the meticulous world-building Bethesda is known for, providing players with a densely packed alien world to explore.

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    Responding to the Call of the Stars

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    While some might see “Shattered Space” as a response to criticisms of Starfield’s exploration, Howard emphasizes it’s more of an internal reaction. The studio itself felt the pull towards a more focused experience while crafting the initial game. This expansion allows them to deliver that experience while retaining the core Starfield identity.

    A Busy Future for Bethesda Game Studios

    With five distinct teams under one roof, Bethesda Game Studios remains a powerhouse of development. Beyond Starfield’s ongoing support, the studio is actively working on the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls 6, maintaining Fallout 76, exploring mobile game development, and fostering external partnerships. The future holds continued updates for existing titles, and eventually, the next mainline Fallout game.

    Starfield’s Legacy: A Universe in Bloom

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    The news of annual expansions cements Starfield’s position as a long-term commitment from Bethesda. With a dedicated focus on narrative content, players can expect an ever-expanding galaxy filled with new stories, characters, and worlds to discover. While a sequel might be a distant prospect with Elder Scrolls 6 and the next Fallout on the horizon, It’s future seems bright, promising a vibrant and ever-evolving universe for spacefaring adventurers to explore.

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