Starfield developers wants their players to embrace the chaos and see the in-game NPCs as their friends

    A new Starfield developer video has been released, and it discusses the development team’s goals for the game’s factions, companions, and NPCs, among other things. The five-minute behind-the-scenes video, titled ‘Made For Wanderers,’ features a discussion between Game Director Todd Howard, Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Quest Designer Will Shen, and Lead Artist Istvan Pely, interspersed with new concept art for the game and even a brief, actually moving clip.

    The team discusses player immersion and freedom throughout the video, with Emil Pagliarulo characterising Starfield as “a vast open universe for the user to do whatever they want” and Istvan Pely stating that the player must “embrace the chaos.”

    This begins with the game’s upper level RPG aspects, with Todd Howard stating, “it’s nice with Starfield to go back to do some things we didn’t do. The backgrounds, the traits, defining your character, all those stats.” Howard says he believes that “people are ready for something that does a lot of the things that older hardcore RPGs, something we used to do, doing those again in a new way.”

    This confirmation of the event’s summer cancellation comes on the heels of persistent speculations that E3 2022 will be an all-digital event this year, provided it happens at all. Gamescom, the German gaming festival, has been confirmed to be a hybrid event this year, with online aspects still providing a way for those at home to participate.


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