Square Enix might revive Parasite Eve Game

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    Due to its urgent need for a resuscitation, the moniker Parasite Eve has recently appeared frequently in the headlines. One of the underappreciated treasures of the original PlayStation, in the opinion of many, is 1998’s Parasite Eve. The gameplay and graphics of the game were generally appreciated, but its linearity and lack of replay value were panned. Unfortunately, Square Enix hasn’t produced much of it since 2011.

    The tide may be about to turn, though, as a recent trademark raises the possibility of a Parasite Eve-related project. This trademark, which relates to a word connected to the series as a whole, was submitted on October 13 in Japan. Protections for the distribution of goods and computer game software are included in the trademark application for the name “SYMBIOGENESIS.”

    This evolutionary hypothesis, also known as “endosymbiotic theory,” describes how two different creatures can come together to generate a single new entity. The plot of Hideaki Sena’s 1995 Japanese novel “Parasite Eve” was also inspired by that. Following that, Square Enix released the game in 1998.

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    Unfortunately, aside from the trademark application, Symbiogenesis and its potential connection to Parasite Eve remain a mystery.

    For the time being, all we can do is hope that Square Enix is seeking to resuscitate the IP or at the very least release a compilation of the beloved series’ first three games.

    Recently, the producer of the Final Fantasy VII Remake discussed with Kenny Omega the idea of reviving Parasite Eve in light of the recent rise in popularity of horror films. He claimed that it would be a waste for Square Enix if the characters from future survival-horror RPGs were not used.

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