Soulframe: The Game which derives its Inspiration from Princess Mononoke

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    Digital Extremes, the company behind the sci-fi ninja-flipping MMO Warframe, presented a second surprise at TennoCon on Saturday: Soulframe, a “free-to-play action hybrid-MMORPG.”

    A few Warframe developers have moved over to work on Soulframe, which is being developed by Digital Extremes. While Soulframe shares a similar aesthetic with its sci-fi sister, the combat in the game will feature heavy melee strikes rather than running and gunning, putting players right in the middle of the action. The game’s themes, according to Soulframe’s creative director Geoff Crookes, include “nature and humans interacting” and “ideas of restoration and exploration.”

    Warframe’s creative director Steve Sinclair will be replaced by Rebecca Ford, head of live operations and community, as Digital Extremes continues to run and support the game. Sinclair and other seasoned members of Digital Extremes will transition to Soulframe’s development and support.

    A new fantasy MMO is also being created by Digital Extremes in collaboration with the developer Airship Syndicate. While the environment is supported by technology, there are still many typical fantasy components present, allowing for a combination of swords, shields, magic, and highly effective artillery. This new game wasn’t shown to us very much, but Soulframe appears to be a little more developed right now.

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    Given that Warframe has been in operation for almost ten years, Digital Extremes’ management has a track record of guiding a live-service game to expansion and growth. Soulframe’s release date was not specified.

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