Sonic Frontiers free DLC Roadmap reveals a Ton of New Content

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    Sonic Frontiers has revealed its downloadable content strategy for the upcoming year. Shortly after the game’s debut, Sega published a Monster Hunter cooperation DLC pack that included two new Sonic outfits as well as a little BBQ split mini-game. Not shortly after the pack was released, the firm informed players that this was merely the beginning and that many free upgrades would be added to the game shortly. Fans now have a better idea of what’s to come, and there’s enough to be thrilled about.

    Sonic Frontiers players can look forward to the inclusion of features they have requested, such as a sound text “Juke Box” and photo mode. These will be included in the game’s first DLC update, along with additional additions such as new challenge modes, with images hinting that this might include new Cyber Space stages and perhaps a Boss Rush mode for Frontiers.

    The most exciting news for fans is that the third update will include new playable characters and story elements. The artwork used on the roadmap implies that Tails, Knuckles, and Amy will be made playable as part of this update, even though they haven’t been playable in years. The use of Sage also appears to imply that fans can expect to play as her once the update is released. All of these improvements will be free for all players, according to official Sonic social media pages.

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    Players also know when they can expect these improvements, as the slated content for the second update contains Sonic’s birthday-themed bonuses. While it’s impossible to predict what these features will be, the date on which they will be available is clear. Sonic was born on June 23rd, the day the original Sonic the Hedgehog game was published in the United States. This suggests that the update will very certainly be released on or around that day.

    As a result, fans may readily anticipate additional Sonic Frontiers content, possibly as late as late next year. These updates appear to be released in chunks, so players shouldn’t expect to be able to put this game down for a long time.

    Sonic Frontiers is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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