Skyrim Together Reborn co-op Mod Is Available for Download at Nexus Mods

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    Finally, Nexus Mods is offering the Skyrim Together Reborn co-op mod for download. It seeks to provide cooperative multiplayer to Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, tested with up to 30 people, as you may have previously surmised.

    Deja-vu experiences are quite typical. Over three years ago, when the mod was ready to reach Closed Beta status, we published our first article on Skyrim Together. However, a scandal involving the modders’ usage of stolen code from Skyrim Script Extender caused the ambitious project to be unexpectedly abandoned (SKSE).

    According to the official FAQ, a new team has completely recreated Skyrim Together Reborn and is adamant that this iteration is far superior. For instance, NPCs, monsters, quests, inventories and equipment, projectiles, magic, stealth, locks, horse mounting, and transformations are all fully synchronized at this time.

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    The party leader synchronizes the conversations. The other party members will hear and see the same thing whenever the party leader converses with an NPC or makes a dialogue decision. Of course, one of the most significant changes is that the game no longer loads a save file when you die. The player character will resurrect close by instead. The player character will respawn at the beginning of the dungeon or interior if they die while in one of these locations. Characters are also guaranteed to pay off any outstanding crime bounties upon death, preventing guards from being upset when they reappeared. Additionally, there is a setting in the server options that makes respawning expensive in gold.

    Expert is the default difficulty setting for Skyrim Together Reborn. Given that the game was never balanced to be played by more than one player, the developers advise keeping it as high as feasible. It is not advised to use NPC followers for a similar reason.

    Although there is a server configuration that can turn PvP on, it is deactivated by default. But bear in mind that PvP won’t be in any way balanced.

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    Only the Skyrim Special Edition version 1.6 on Steam, which debuted with the 10th Anniversary patch last year, may be used to install Skyrim Together Reborn. However, if you can avoid it, the mod’s developers advise against utilizing the accompanying mod pack or any other mod. However, most graphics mods should be acceptable, and if you’re intent on installing them, there’s a server setting that enforces a mod policy that requires everyone to install their modules in the same sequence.

    The team wants to add further features like player markers/waypoints on the map, synchronized weather, and a scripting API even though the mod is currently considered a 1.0 version. However, the team is hoping that now that Skyrim Together Reborn is open source, additional contributors will join to assist.

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