Sergio Ramos suffered a home raid while playing for Seville

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    Former Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos was reportedly a victim of a terrifying home raid while he was serving Sevilla at the Champions Trophy.

    Sergio Ramos suffered a scary home raid while playing for Sevilla

    The 37-year-old, who has a stunning career with a whopping 28 trophies, was serving his team against the French side Lens when burglars broke into his house, as reports suggest.

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    The crooks bypassed the footballer’s alarm system at his house before scaring his four children, who were being taken care of by two nannies. They were all left unharmed.

    Ramos’ wife, Pilar Rubio, who happens to be a journalist, wasn’t there as she was away for work.

    Sergio Ramos had recently joined his boyhood club, Sevilla, following his free transfer from the French side PSG. He and his family had recently moved into Bollullos de la Mitacion, a city situated near Seville.

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    The couple had been dating since 2012 before being married in June 2019.

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    Credits – Ahram Online

    Ramos becomes the latest footballer to be attacked by robbers in Spain in recent times. Last year, former Barcelona player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang fell victim to a break-in as he and his wife were implored to lie on the floor in front of their horrified children while the burglars harmed their property.

    The thieves got away with jewels from the player’s safe and left him with a broken chin after hitting him with an iron bar.

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    The same year, Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski lost his £59,000 watch outside the training ground while signing autographs.

    In November 2021, Ansu Fati, the then Barcelona player, had his house robbed while he was downstairs watching his team’s game against Espanyol.

    Who else has been a victim apart from Sergio Ramos?

    The list of players being victims of burglary doesn’t stop here, rather, it’s big. In 2018, a trio of Barcelona stars were aimed by robbers. One was midfielder Phillippe Coutinho who one day returned to his home to discover his property being robbed.

    Gerard Pique faced something similar when a group of men broke into his house while he was preparing for his game for Spain in the World Cup.

    Later that year itself, robbers smashed into left-back Jordi Alba’s property while his family was inside.

    During his prime, Sergio Ramos has been considered one of the best the sport has ever seen. He played 671 games for Madrid and lifted the league title six times and the Champion League trophy four times. He ended his incredible run with them for sixteen years in 2021 after joining PSG.

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