Sebastian Vettel declares his return to Formula 1 at Japanese GP this year

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    In a shocking announcement last year, Sebastian Vettel called off his Formula 1 career. However, there’s some good news for his fans. He announced a reunion of sorts with Red Bull for a Nurburgring event. 

    Sebastian Vettel to return to Formula 1

    The German will have an appearance at the Japanese GP. Though Aston Martin was his last team, Sebastian Vettel is probable to be in the Red Bull garage. 

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    Credits – Eurosport

    His decision to retire last year had sent the entire F1 world to a freeze. Because it happened just before Summer Break, there was an overdrive in the driver market. 

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    Quite a lot of driver moves were made, and Sebastian Vettel’s seat at Aston Martin was taken up by Fernando Alonso, a young driver.  

    Following his retirement, Sebastian Vettel started driving like a man possessed. His Aston Martin started throwing off a glimpse of the pace it began this year. He wrung every bit of the performance out of it. Notably, his most phenomenal performance of the season came at the Japanese GP. 

    He confronted Fernando Alonso till the line, with the slightest milliseconds marking the difference between the two living legends.

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    What is he doing at present?

    At present, Vettel is driving his RB7 around the Nurburgring Nordschleife with Red Bull as part of an event. He still loves the sport immensely and is still part of the GDPA. Daniel Ricciardo was to partner with Vettel at this event. However, following his crash at Zandvoort, David Coulthard has replaced him. 

    He has been one of the finest racers of his season at Suzuka last year. However, all through the Weekend, the Japanese GP saw a huge flow of love and affection for the German driver. 

    The photos and videos from the weekend look majestic. It clearly suggests how much impact Vettel has in F1. His prime was one of the best primes in F1’s history. 

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    During his Red Bull days, most people thought of him as a villain. However, things started to change during his Ferrari days as people started to unveil the character behind the helmet. He captured everyone’s heart and retired as one of the most popular and loved drivers in the globe. 

    The race, which takes place over 53 laps of the 5.087 km Suzuka International Racing Course, is scheduled for 24th September, Sunday. Entering the ground requires the spectator to have a 2023 Lenovo F1 Japan Grand Prix ticket. 

    Vettel’s fans are extremely delighted to have him back in his favorite sport, and all eyes will be on the enthralling competition. 

    So, gear up for some solid action this 24th with your favorite sport F1!

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