Saudi Arabia is the new home of WWE! Vince McMahon makes a bold statement

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    The much-awaited fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou was scheduled this weekend in Saudi Arabia. To everyone’s surprise, WWE boss Vince McMahon made an awesome appearance and made a bold statement that’s drawing lots of attention.

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    Saudi Arabia is the new home of WWE, says Vince McMahon! Statement getting massive attention

    McMahon arrived at the event sporting a cane and a fresh haircut, and the legendary Undertaker accompanied him. The latter retired from the biggest sports entertainment in 2020, leaving behind an iconic legacy and a mesmerizing streak of WrestleMania wins. 

    The 78-year-old, who recently had back surgery, was spotted confidently strolling across the Boulevard Hall with his iconic swagger. 

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    Another noticeable change in his appearance was his hair, which looked comparatively darker than the last public appearance he had made. 

    Before the big fight on Saturday, McMohan made some priceless statements about Saudi Arabia. Upon being asked about his opinion of the venue, he said, 

    “Everything they’re doing is so much. They’re delving into the superior aspects of all sports entertainment. Everything that is the best in the world it’s going to be here…This is our home now. This, as been pronounced, is our home, WWE’s home.” 

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    The stage is set for Crown Jewel

    WWE is preparing for an important event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as the stage is set for Crown Jewel to be held on November 4. 

    This event is extremely significant as it marks WWE’s first premium live event in the country ever since merging with UFC under the Endeavour umbrella. 

    As per the latest reports, Triple H will be incharge of WWE Creative, ‘marginalizing’ McMohan’s influence, a signal of modifications in the wrestling company’s landscape. 

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    The highly anticipated encounter between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou had been precious with superstars attending the event. Big names like Eminem, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor, and Kayne Waste had made the event star studded. 

    Vince McMahon, the icon’s presence in Saudi Arabia, his attention-grabbing statement about WWE’s new home, and the upcoming Crown Jewel Event hint at a brand new chapter for WWE in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. 

    Earlier, it was football after stars such as Ronaldo and Neymar joined the Saudi Arabian clubs, and now it’s time for WWE to mark its presence in the Middle East. So far, it’s been a great success for football after the big names started playing for their respective clubs. 

    Now, WWE fans will be thrilled to see on what new chapters Saudi Arabia opens up for them!

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