Samsung showcases first slidable PC display at Intel Innovation 2022 conference

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    The first slideable PC display in the world has been demonstrated by Samsung. On the opening day of the Intel Innovation 2022 conference in San Jose, California, Samsung Display CEO JS Choi presented a brief product demo. When shown a prototype in South Korea, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger stated he was delighted and immediately recognised the potential for a platform. Choi thinks it foreshadows a potential PC trend.

    The independent display is identical to a standard tablet in appearance but “slides” open to reveal a larger 17-inch display. Although specifics of the display technology were not disclosed, it appears to be almost identical to rollable display technology we have seen in previous years, only with a tighter roll that creates the appearance of sliding. It closely resembles the abandoned LG rollable phone that we recently featured.

    If the operating system (OS) can dynamically modify the system’s resolution to provide additional real estate rather than just stretching the image to fill the extra area, a laptop with an expanded screen would directly correlate to higher productivity. Although I’m not sure how it would affect ultimate product weight, such a display may significantly reduce the physical footprint of a laptop.

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    Cost might also be an issue; if it’s too pricey, individuals looking for greater screen space might choose to forgo it altogether and use a portable monitor to save money. Although it wouldn’t be as convenient or portable, going that path could save you a lot of money that you could use to buy better standalone mice or fancier laptop bags, among other items. There is no assurance that Samsung will advance it. On the other hand, I doubt Intel would have permitted them to demonstrate it if they didn’t have specific intentions for it.

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