Ronnie Radford, known for his spectacular goal in FA Cup history dies at 79

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    Radford was one of those footballers who made a lasting impact on football lovers in England. Although he never played any higher level than the old Fourth Division, he scored a historic goal against First Division Newcastle in February 1972 on a muddy pitch. Ronnie Radford who became Hereford’s hero was also known for his friendly and modest nature. His demise at the age of 79 has left fans in shock.

    How did Ronnie Radford become a Hereford hero?

    Radford became an overnight star footballer after scoring a spectacular 30-yard goal in FA Cup in 1972 winning over Newcastle by 2-1. Since then his goal has been replayed a million times by the fans. 

    Born in a small coal mining town in Yorkshire, he used to play as a midfielder in school. Then in 1962, Ronnie Radford was signed up by non-league Cheltenham, which was a joyous time of three years for him. He had his first higher-level football experience when he joined Fourth Division Newport County. Radford stayed at Hereford until 1974, before his career as a footballer ended due to an Achilles tendon injury at the age of 33.

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    The iconic FA Cup goal scorer will be remembered forever

    Hereford announced the death of Ronnie Radford on their official website as devastating news. 

    The statement said, “Ronnie is not just a part of Hereford United folklore, he is a part of football history and played a huge part in keeping Hereford on the football map since 1972.” 

    The statement concluded “we will carry your spirit onwards. RIP Ronnie.” 

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    In real life too Ronnie was a beautiful and humble person which is evident from his statement after scoring his iconic goal. He said, “I was only part of it, just one kick. 14 other guys were sharing those experiences with the people of Hereford. I felt uncomfortable being singled out.”

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