Roman Reigns emerges as the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

    The biggest Wrestlemania match or perhaps the greatest WWE match of all time took place at Wrestlemania 38, Day 2, between the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and the Beast in Carnate Brock Lesner with the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship on the line. The winner was going to take all and so did Roman Reigns who has been in GOD mode now. Though Reigns didn’t beat Lesner clean, in the end, it was the Samoan blood that emerged victoriously.

    The Match

    The match started with electricity spread over the AT&T Stadium as fans roared to see the biggest Wrestlemania match of all time. Supporting chants of both Brock Lesner as well as Roman Reigns were there, and these two had a hell of a fight to become the face of WWE after the match.

    The fight started and Brock Lesner was in control in the initial phase of the match. The 10 times World Champion showed dominance until the Tribal Chief used Lesner’s distraction to gain momentum. At a particular moment in the match, Roman pushed Brock and he hit the referee and the official was down.

    This was the time when the Samoan superstar got opportunistic and hit a low blow to his rival Brock Lesner. Also, he got his Universal title from Paul Heyman standing at ringside and hit it directly to Lesner’s head, and then picked up the referee to start the countdown. Surprisingly Lesner kicked out and Roman was in utter shock.

    Brock Lesner hit the first finishing move, the F5 but Roman kicked out. Roman while delivering the third spear got caught in Lesner’s deadly kimura lock but was able to move to the bottom rope, and Paul Heyman also helped in pushing the rope a little bit. When Brock was going to hit the second F5 to Roman, Roman countered and turned it to a spear, finally pinning Brock Lesner to become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

    Roman Reigns the face of WWE

    Roman Reigns has been the face of WWE since he became the Universal Champion in 2020, and after gaining the WWE Championship too, the Tribal Chief will gain acknowledgment from each and everyone that didn’t acknowledge him earlier. It is to be seen how things go for him with both the titles on his shoulders.

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