Here’s the reason behind Mbappe’s desire to leave PSG

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    Since Kylian Mbappe turned down an offer from Real Madrid and renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain in May, not everything has gone according to his wishes.

    The Frenchman is frustrated on the pitch, not as much as last season when he was a key figure at PSG ahead of Neymar and Lionel Messi.

    A clash with Neymar

    The main reason for the ego conflict between Neymar and Mbappe, which became the first penalty taker of the team.

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    The French player missed penalty spots in his 5-2 fight against Montpellier, but PSG was given another penalty. The second was converted by Neymar, who refused to give Mbappe an option to take another chance, despite providing Messi’s opportunity.

    At the post-match press conference, manager Christophe Galtier did not reveal who the first picker would be.

    Mbappe, meanwhile, had called on PSG to sack Brazilian international Neymar because he felt he was a burden to the entire team. So PSG tried unsuccessfully to find a buyer. After finding himself staying at the club, Neymar started running this season.

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    Following the scoreless draw with Reims, the France international posted a now-deleted photo on Instagram with a message that could be interpreted as criticizing Galtier.

    “Tie #thisisparis #pivotgang,” wrote Mbappe, with the second hashtag possibly being a reference to Galtier’s tactics.

    Mbappe, Messi & Neymar’s ‘World Cup Pact’

    PSG’s three stars came together in the days leading up to the World Cup to settle their differences in the dressing room to give their best in Qatar.

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    Messi stepped in as an intermediary between the French and Brazilians, trying to tell them the goal at hand. The three of them understand that PSG’s primary goal is to win the Champions League and to do that they need to come together.

    According to the French press, the situation prompted several backstage discussions to row the entire team in the same direction, set aside their problems, and fight for a bigger goal.

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