Real Madrid, working on solving their injury problems ahead of next season

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    The Italian professional fitness coach, Antonio Pintus is efficiently doing his work at the Real Madrid CF. He is appointed as the new fitness coach of the club and is very much at the helm of the club’s pre-season, playing a significant role in the eight sessions of the club.

    Under Carlos Ancelotti’s supervision, Pintus is applying his level best to ensure his job at the club, which won’t be plagued anymore by the raft of injuries. This has also backed Los Los Blancos from delivering their best in the last few years.

    Real Madrid’s training matches

    Various sort of training is done at the eight sessions, as mentioned before. Also, there have been two double sessions earlier. At the end of this week, they will have a training match against Fuenlabrada at Valdebebas. This is the first pre-season match of Real Madrid. The club will also collide against the Rangers, which will take place on July 25th, in Scotland.

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    Role of Antonio Pintus

    Antonio Pintus is playing a significant role in this to work on the injuries of the players of the club and help them to attain full fitness and perform their level best. He has been very clear since his first few days of the club, were said to the players to build their energy reserves.

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    Antonio Pintus. Credits: Managing Madrid

    The players also are sincerely taking on this, without thinking anything else. Though they are yet to have an off day, the working volume is very much essential in the early stages of the pre-season.

    News of injuries till now

    The sessions are going well, and there has been no news of new injuries till now. Only Isco has been absent for the first few days regarding some of his problems. Martin Odegaard who has been in the sessions from the first, suffered a slight knock on his foot, on Tuesday.

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    Also, Luka Jovic started his training working separately on Saturday. Dani Carvajal and Lucas Vazquez on the other hand have started their training with some limitations as they ended their last season with an injury.

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