Real Madrid are very much hopeful despite of the PSG-Mbappe development

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    The La Liga giants Real Madrid are still very much hopeful despite of the development in between PSG and their footballer, Kylian Mbappe. Reports state that PSG have made Mbappe come to the A-team trainings again, which means he isn’t sidelined now, which he earlier was concerning the fact that PSG assumed Mbappe secretly came on a pre-agreement with Real Madrid, and Mbappe was no longer the part of PSG’s upcoming plans.

    Real Madrid directors have learned a thing or two over the years. That’s why they’ve stayed in the background ever since Kylian Mbappe made it public that he wouldn’t renew his current contract with PSG beyond 2024. Los Blancos have kept a close eye on things, just as they have with many other players.

    The thing is that, Kylian Mbappe has been linked with Real Madrid not in present but since 2017. However, the Spanish giants have never viewed Mbappe’s decision to remain with PSG until now as a failure, just as they’ve never considered signing him this summer, which Carlo Ancelotti confirmed in the first press conference of the season.

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    Contrary to what has been said, Real Madrid’s directors have denied time and again that there was any kind of negotiation or agreement with Mbappe, and much less with their counterparts at PSG. In fact, Real Madrid even believed that Mbappe would renew his deal with the Qatari team.

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    What is Real Madrid’s reaction concerning PSG’s development with Mbappe?

    As mentioned, the development in between PSG and Mbappe hasn’t affected Madrid greatly, rather they are still very hopeful that they will be able to secure their target now, and they are doing the same thing they have done until now, which is to wait and watch events from the sidelines.

    If Mbappe does not renew his contract and is free to negotiate on January 2, 2024, they will try to sign him, within the rules, and bring him to the club in the summer. If he extends his contract, then congratulations to both the player and PSG. The current transfer window, however, is not yet closed. Many things can happen and, until deadline day, nothing, or rather, almost nothing, can be ruled out.

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    What will be the consequences?

    Real Madrid do not want to participate in something that is out of their hands and, above all, they want to stay out of what is a complex situation.

    Another thing that is becoming abundantly clear is that Mbappe does not want to give up any of the money he is guaranteed from PSG, which is just over 100 million euros. The 140m euro signing bonus is also up in the air, if he renews or not.

    The Real Madrid Mbappe saga perhaps is one of the biggest football transfer sagas in this game, and it is to be seen this time where flow of the game goes.

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