Randy Orton set for his WWE return after John Cena and The Rock?

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    The recent times in WWE seem to see some outstanding comebacks with the likes of John Cena and the Rock. Now, Randy Orton is all set for his return, too. 

    After Cena and Rock, it’s Randy Orton to return to WWE

    John Cena’s comeback filled the fans’ hearts, followed by the Rock’s spectacular SmackDown comeback. To add more excitement to the series, it’s Randy Orton now to be back inside the ring. 

    The Rock’s comeback raked a whopping 103 million views over the weekend, igniting a plethora of excitement among fans. Now, the additional reports hinting towards Orton’s comeback have let the fans go crazy. 

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    Reportedly, Randy Orton has been spotted at WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida recently. There were earlier reports that stated details that Orton’s bus was already stationed at the facility, suggesting that the wrestler is preparing to hit the road for the upcoming WWE events.

    The exact reason behind Randy Orton’s presence in the facility is yet to be revealed, but seemingly, he might be undergoing training there. The assumption is out of the strict rule of needing WWE Talent at the Performance Center to engage in regular training.

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    Credits – Wrestling Observer

    Will he be back?

    Orton has been out of sight since May 2022, it might be safe to assume he’s now all prepared for a grand comeback. Throughout his career, he has gifted his fans with supreme moments and it surely makes his return highly anticipated and waited among fans.

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    Fans are of varied opinion regarding how he will smash his return to the company. A lot has changed since he was last seen here. Some feel that he will return to where he left with Matt Riddle. Or, he might interfere in the game between Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura in case that happens in Fastlane 2023. 

    In case Nakamura’s choice allows interference, Orton could make his comeback, helping Rollins to retain. There used to be a time when both of them were on the same page as a member of the authority. They even collided with each other at WrestleMania 31 in a sensational event. 

    Orton has also been a part of an angle with Edge. Hence, there’s a possibility that he might return to the company and be a part of the story with the faction the latter developed, The Judgement Day. In case he steps to that level, he might need his own backup. 

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    The crowd will be thrilled to hear Orton’s signature music at the stadium, similar to the staggering reception Cena and the Rock got. However, the ultimate confirmation regarding his comeback can only be given by him. Till then, the fans could just wait and pray for his amazing return to the arena.

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